Our main features are the principals of teaching through which it is easier to understand and helps to solve you effortlessly.

Unique App

The first-ever ICT Tool on Applied Mathematics that unlocks a world of comprehensive, curriculum-aligned mathematics content for Engineering Students. Download it once and you will know!

Fresh & Updated

Bid farewell to the old solutions, as the SEAM App offers fresh pedagogy! Now, you can rely on this exam-rescuer all the important concepts and topics to score high in Engineering Mathematics.

Query Guru

When problem doubts strike hard, referring to too many books is just a waste of time! SEAM App being an ICT tool allows you to directly consult the author of the book who can wipe off your queries with the appropriate solution.

Exam Rescuer

Now, there’s no need to be dreadful before exams, SEAM App as an ICT Tool brings solved question papers from previous years. These solutions are comprehensive yet concise!


We call the SEAM app – a Syllabus-iverse for a reason! It consists of theory, solved examples, previous years question papers along with solutions and allows you to finish off your doubts too! So now, there’s no need for switching through different books for different purposes as we have one app-for-all!


Yeah! This ICT tool is nothing but a whole universe of Syllabus. SEAM contains the entire curriculum of Engineering Applied Mathematics.


Why learners are passionate about SEAM APP.

  • Best app for applied engineering mathematics, has great and concise content as well as a number of solved examples necessary from the exam point of view. I recommend every engineering student to download the app for an assured improvement in grades. Thank you so much Satish sir.? Now I can study maths anytime, anywhere. Good job…Keep upgrading…..?

    Shreyas Dharpawar

  • Excellent app for learning as well as revising concepts. The content sorted topicwise is really easy to access n saves time. The only shortcoming is that it requires the internet , otherwise, it is the best app to learn engineering mathematics

    Isha Brahme

  • This app is very useful and time-saving. one can study anywhere, any time bcz of this app. the problems are given with proper satisfying solutions which are easy to understand and revise during exams.

    Pranali Patil


Here’s a quick look at the APP!

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